Acne And Solutions To Cure It

Anybody could easily write a list of things they miss most during their teenage years. Be it the carefree life with no responsibility or the fact that you could stay up night long without a worry, it is an easy list to write. But one thing everyone can agree that they don’t miss is acne. Every teenager’s nightmare, it was thought to be common only for teenagers but nowadays acne is much more widespread among people of all ages.

 Acne is formed when pores on a person’s face are blocked. These pores have the oil glands of the face and when they are obstructed, germs and other bacteria take residency and grow. For the female gender, the most common reason that acne happens to them is because of the hormone changes that happen. These hormone changes could be due to the monthly menstrual cycle or during the menopause. But while those are the most common issues, following an improper diet as well as being exposed to a great level of stress are two other factors that can cause acne to raise its ugly head. Acne can be separated in to three sections; mild, moderate and severe. In the event that you have mild acne, you can think about using a natural skin care product to resolve it in a natural manner.

 Take the time to do research before choosing a product as there are many best organic skin care brands in Singapore currently on the market. Make use of the internet to check reviews and buy a product that has largely positive reviews.

 If the acne can be classified as moderate or severe, it is advised that you consult the doctor for medication as it is unlikely you can get rid of that level of acne by yourself. Leaving acne of this level untreated opens the door for ugly scars due to the fact that there are deeper marks like nodules that have a high chance of scarring the face. If you are interested about organic food online you can visit this website .

 A few solutions that one can take to reduce or eliminate acne is to stop the intake of junk food or chocolate.  These carbs increase the insulin levels present in the body that ends up releasing even more hormones which in turn increases the secretion of oil and escalating the situation. Studies conducted in the area has also shown that a higher intake of dairy products, especially fat free milk has been linked to an increase in acne among females. Blue light therapy is a common technique to remove existing acne. It is a technique where strong rays are used to kill the bacteria that is causing the acne.