Behind The Doors Of European Pig Farms

As soon as we hear the word farm, the picture that paints in our mind is a place with a vast green field, golden hay, blue sky and freely roaming animals. But most so called farms in the UK are truly not these idyllic environments that we are made to believe; they are in fact closed, cramped, painful-looking facilities that use methods and provide conditions that are far from what we can think of as natural.

Leaked interior footage of these breeding/slaughter houses depict a world that are enough for a person to reconsider consuming meat at all, and to raise the question as to if a certain item of food on your plate is worth that much suffering.

Trusted European pork is supposed to hold up to the reputation that it has as adhering to the standards of animal welfare, but this is far from truth. Most of these farms are, in hard reality nothing but “factories” that are only keen on manufacturing a “product” and the fact that these are animals that still are very alive and breathing.

In these intensive farming facilities, sows give birth in very small furrowing crates that barely let them move, they lay down beneath an iron frame so that the piglets can suckle on. The piglets have their teeth painfully clipped, so that the injuries that happen while fighting to suckle are reduced. The sow’s nipples do not produce enough milk so the piglets tend to compete with each other naturally. These piglets are then transferred to pens when they just hit the three week mark, and are put on a formulated cereal and an antibiotic diet, to fatten them quickly for meat. These pens tend to be extremely cramped with barely space for movement; contrary to the pretty picture of happy piglets on a field that we are brought to believe. They need to be put on antibiotics on regular since this limited space and the very high number of animals tend to make it very easy for the diseases to spread. Hence meaning trusted pork from Europe is not trustworthy for consumption at all.

Beyond these walls there always are these poor creatures who are stressed and depressed, who even end up biting each other as they turn aggressive with ultimate boredom, thus the “tail docking” often times without anesthesia is in place as a solution. Where the tails are basically cut off when piglets are extremely young. These pigs do not even get a pleasant death, because they are gassed in groups to keep the costs low. This is the ugly truth of the European pig farming industry, and we are not only responsible for creating a market for cheap pork, but for the sufferings that these creatures go through only to adorn our dinner tables.