How To Eat Healthy On A Student Budget

Everyone is aware of the freshman fifteens but what many individuals may not be aware of is that due to the constrains of a limited budget, busy schedule and lack of cooking utensils many students fall prey to a diet of junk food and many continue to gain weight throughout their college years. Thus, the following article explores some healthy meal ideas that one can utilize to replace their repertoire of junk food with.

Plan Ahead

No matter how busy your schedule may get one should make time to sit down on Sunday to prepare a meal plan for the following week. However, if one does need to vary their meal plan every week they can opt to create one weekly plan to follow for that month. Furthermore, as you may be on a strict budget you should select base ingredients that can be used to prepare two or three meals. For instance if one decides to purchase gluten free noodles they may be able to make a stir- fry out of it for dinner one day and make a cold noodle salad for a lunch on another day. By utilizing ingredients in this manner one would be able to save both time and money.

Quick Meals

As a student with a busy schedule we understand that many individuals may not possess the time to create a three course meal. Therefore, when grocery shopping one should gravitate towards meals that can be made in a shorter span of time such as low fat instant soup in India or even the froze food aisle as it contains chopped vegetables and greens which one can easily be used to create quick and healthy salads.

Pay Less for Ingredients

As you may all be aware eating healthy costs way more money than living on a diet of junk food. However, one can attempt to ease the stress by shopping just before the farmer’s market closes down in order to obtain vegetables and fruits at a discounted price as many farmers are reluctant to take unsold items back home. Furthermore, one can peruse the aisle at a discounted grocery store in order to buy the basic items at a slashed down price. Moreover, one should opt to plan only a weekly grocery trip which one should undertake with a pre prepared list in order to avoid to overspending or to avoid impulsive purchases.

We understand that college can be overwhelming and that it may be a hindrance on your road to healthy eating but by following the aforementioned tips one can begin to navigate their way through these obstacles to achieve a healthier lifestyle.