Tips For Tech Support And Help Desk

Customer care has become an essential aspect of businesses, to ensure that they can be there to help their customers in times of need at any given point. But it’s not enough that there is someone to answer their call or reply to their inquiries on the other end twenty four seven. It is necessary that the person attending to the customer has those qualities to make the customer a happy and satisfied person at the end of the conversation. This includes patience, politeness and a good knowledge of the problem that is being spoken of and the ability to solve it at the earliest.

Realize the Complexity of the ProblemThe person manning the IT helpdesk support service in Singapore should be able to evaluate the problem within a few seconds and be able to decide if there is a simple quick fix to the problem or whether expert advice and assistance will be required. Being able to do this will save a lot of trouble for the customer if they can be guided in the right direction within a few minutes.

Asses the Technical Knowledge of the CustomerThey need to be able to use the clues within the conversation they are having with the customer to identify the tech savviness of the customer. If he/she will be able to understand the technical terms such as ‘’email service provider’’ that you are going to be using when you question them about certain things and when you are trying to give them instructions with regard to overcoming the problem. Because the complexity of the problem is also hugely dependent on the ability of the customer to understand and follow instructions with regard to the technical jargon.

Referring To Previous TicketsThis is another way in which this process of technical support can be made easier. Referring to earlier tickets of the same customer can give you a clue as to what the problem might be and how to go about solving it. because the problem they are currently reporting can be one or the same or closely related to their previous complains and issues. So this will go a long way in giving you an idea as to what the issue might be if there seems to be a communication problem between you and the customer.

Some of the other advice that can be given to these customer care agents is that they keep things as simple as possible when talking to their customers. And they should always end their conversation by directing the customer to self-help solutions like videos and question and answers that can come in handy in the future.

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