Why Redesigning The Workspace Makes Better Financial Sense?

When an organization wants to expand there are two ways that it happens. The first obviously is that revenues have to grow. For revenues to grow business has to expand. For business, to expand the effort that has to be put in needs to increase. And in the effort to increase one always needs to expand the workforce. One needs to hire a lot of new staff in the various departments that affects the growth of business. One obvious outcome of this growth is that there will be more people needing more space. Unfortunately, there are several problems here. To begin where it is difficult to get space which can expand the floor space of an existing workplace, getting an adjoining office in a city such a Singapore where space is at a premium is almost impossible. Let alone an adjoining office, getting space on the same floor itself is impossible. One is lucky if one gets space in the same building. But often the physical break up of teams during a growth phase is counterproductive. New team members need some amount of mentoring. If one tries to break up existing teams which are already co-located it leads to a loss of productivity. It can also lead to more problems. Not only will you be breaking up existing teams with closer means of communication, but you will also be losing some amount of productivity because people are busy mentoring the new team members. This could lead to a disastrous situation. And then comes the second problem which is money. Often when an organization is increasing its staff, it has done it to increase business. At such a time we need to handle the money very carefully. They need to save wherever they can. And floor space is a very expensive proposition at this point.

Why a change in layout can save a lot of money?

  • In such a scenario it makes more sense to stay where one is and simply make a change in the layout so as to function better.
  • Any good office interior design company can come in and redo the entire workplace layout in such a way that one does not need to go out and spend on the extra space.
  • One will realize that the small expenditure or trouble in the short term can make a lot of monetary and financial sense in the long term.

It is not easy to understand the requirements of the current day scenario of any workplace and also predict the future requirements. One has to understand that office interior design Singapore is a very specialized field. Hiring an expert with a good portfolio of previous projects will be beneficial in the future.